Sexuality and Disability

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From the News: Cops prepare sketches of trio accused of rape

'MUMBAI: The RCF police have prepared sketches of three persons, including an autorickshaw driver, who allegedly kidnapped and raped a 22-year-old homemaker with special needs on Monday. A constable attached to the Chunnabatti police station had spotted the woman lying in an unconscious state on the roadside nearby at around 7 pm. He then took the victim to Sion hospital. The Chunnabatti police tracked down the victim to a chawl at the RCF locality in Chembur and informed their counterparts there about the incident. When the victim came to her senses in hospital, she complained to her mother of pain in her private parts.

An Ingenious Way To Live

'I have an acquired disability; I became disabled over the course of a number of years... Prior to becoming disabled, I felt the usual pressures about my relationship to the ideal female body: I worried about my weight, my thighs, my butt, etc... I know I rather liked my wicked, winning sexual self. For the most part, however, I barely noticed -- tried not to notice -- my physical body. I worked in a world that professed admiration for the mind while pretending to ignore the body.


Question1 Can my disability get in the way of me feeling sexual?
That depends on how your impairment affects your body and mind. It takes energy to explore your body and feel sexual, Read more on Can my disability get in the way of me feeling sexual?

Question2 Isn't good sex just supposed to 'happen'? I feel like talking about it may kill the mood.
Many of us have grown up believing that sex is something that is best not talked about. External Website that opens in new window This can make sharing intimate details about desires, sexual thoughts and feelings difficult. Read more on Isn't good sex just supposed to 'happen'?

Question3 Can I have sex during pregnancy?
That depends on you. Some women do not want much sex when they are pregnant. Others want sex more than usual. Read more on Can I have sex during pregnancy?