Sexuality and Disability

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Being 'Out' In The Hospital

'When I first learned of my partner's disability I wept for days. She is an amputee, right arm and right leg. I couldn't believe that there wasn't some way to undo it. I grieved for the loss of her arm and leg, constantly waking up at night with the shocking realization that nothing would change her loss. They weren't going to grow back. There wasn't going to be any team of scientists to make her into the bionic woman. I feared what this meant for me, what would happen to us. I knew it wouldn't make any difference in how much I loved her, but I knew it would change how we lived. Being "out" in the hospital while at the mercy of several fundamentalist nurses and staff members, is another story.

From the News: Cops prepare sketches of trio accused of rape

'MUMBAI: The RCF police have prepared sketches of three persons, including an autorickshaw driver, who allegedly kidnapped and raped a 22-year-old homemaker with special needs on Monday. A constable attached to the Chunnabatti police station had spotted the woman lying in an unconscious state on the roadside nearby at around 7 pm. He then took the victim to Sion hospital. The Chunnabatti police tracked down the victim to a chawl at the RCF locality in Chembur and informed their counterparts there about the incident. When the victim came to her senses in hospital, she complained to her mother of pain in her private parts.


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